Carers Dementia Mindfulness Movement

Good News!

We are part of the Healthy Arts-Power of Good Wellbeing Activities Project funded by the National Lottery, Community Fund. So, Mindfulness weekly sessions, trips and course are on and all FREE for Carers and people living with Dementia.

Sessions restart on 19th September and run up until 5th December.

This weekly session is open to anyone. Come regularly or drop in when you can on Tuesdays, 1.30-2.30pm at Kingsleigh Methodist Church, Leigh, WN7 4LR. Enjoy a de-stress with short and longer restful meditations and gentle tension releasing movement in a friendly group.

Session’s cost: £6/£5 Conc, Drinks and biscuits are free.

Art Carers Dementia Mindfulness Movement

Creative Mindfulness for Dementia

“Overall, I think it was an excellent course”. Participant diagnosed with Dementia.

“All excellent”. Carer

In Spring, thanks to funding from the Breathworks Seed Fund, Dementia United, Big Brain Health Fund and The Deal Wigan, I offered a new adapted model of the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Course to an amazing group of people living with Dementia. One week of the course, Ginny Wall, who provided excellent supervision and support with planning suggested I ask people to bring in something that made them smile to explore ‘letting in the good’. The image above shows the beautiful saris, pebbles and funny, smiling little moving man that the group brought in. Another week we enjoyed wonderfully calming guitar and song from Corrie Shelley, which encouraged a member of the group to bring his guitar and and supply us with live music nearly every week. Writer Chris Harter also took away our writing from a session and returned some amazing poems.

How I See You

Breathing in the moment with courage and daring.

Loving in the moment with laughter and sharing.

Living in the moment with kindness and caring.

As you have probably guessed the course went very well. I want to thank Julie Phillips, my fellow Breathworks teacher who supported me, (don’t know what I would have done without her!) as a volunteer. Leigh Youth Hub was also a great venue.

Here are some more quotes from the evaluation:

“I felt the course very interesting and unusual. I feel relaxed and it kept me interested right through”. Participant diagnosed with Dementia.

“I have found it very useful, the course is very important in your everyday life”. Carer

“Everyone has been loving and caring, restful and calm. Going to miss our Wednesday afternoon”. Carer

“Venue all fab, easy access, light and airy. Tea, cake and strawberries lovely. Timing just right”. Carer

Finally some quantitative evaluation:

WHO-5 Well-being Index/Completed Pre and Post Course:

4 Participants with a Dementia diagnosis began the course with an average well-being score of 35%. This rose to 57% at end of course, a 22% rise in sense of wellbeing.

3 Carer Participants began the course with an average wellbeing score of 25%. This rose to 65% at end of course, 40% rise in sense of wellbeing. 2 Carers sense of wellbeing score more than doubled by end of course.

With funding from, so far, the National Lottery Community Fund, I am inspired to offer the course again in Spring 2024.

Many thanks to everyone involved!