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Creative Mindfulness for Dementia

“Overall, I think it was an excellent course”. Participant diagnosed with Dementia.

“All excellent”. Carer

In Spring, thanks to funding from the Breathworks Seed Fund, Dementia United, Big Brain Health Fund and The Deal Wigan, I offered a new adapted model of the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Course to an amazing group of people living with Dementia. One week of the course, Ginny Wall, who provided excellent supervision and support with planning suggested I ask people to bring in something that made them smile to explore ‘letting in the good’. The image above shows the beautiful saris, pebbles and funny, smiling little moving man that the group brought in. Another week we enjoyed wonderfully calming guitar and song from Corrie Shelley, which encouraged a member of the group to bring his guitar and and supply us with live music nearly every week. Writer Chris Harter also took away our writing from a session and returned some amazing poems.

How I See You

Breathing in the moment with courage and daring.

Loving in the moment with laughter and sharing.

Living in the moment with kindness and caring.

As you have probably guessed the course went very well. I want to thank Julie Phillips, my fellow Breathworks teacher who supported me, (don’t know what I would have done without her!) as a volunteer. Leigh Youth Hub was also a great venue.

Here are some more quotes from the evaluation:

“I felt the course very interesting and unusual. I feel relaxed and it kept me interested right through”. Participant diagnosed with Dementia.

“I have found it very useful, the course is very important in your everyday life”. Carer

“Everyone has been loving and caring, restful and calm. Going to miss our Wednesday afternoon”. Carer

“Venue all fab, easy access, light and airy. Tea, cake and strawberries lovely. Timing just right”. Carer

Finally some quantitative evaluation:

WHO-5 Well-being Index/Completed Pre and Post Course:

4 Participants with a Dementia diagnosis began the course with an average well-being score of 35%. This rose to 57% at end of course, a 22% rise in sense of wellbeing.

3 Carer Participants began the course with an average wellbeing score of 25%. This rose to 65% at end of course, 40% rise in sense of wellbeing. 2 Carers sense of wellbeing score more than doubled by end of course.

With funding from, so far, the National Lottery Community Fund, I am inspired to offer the course again in Spring 2024.

Many thanks to everyone involved!

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Creative Mindfulness for Dementia

I am really excited to be offering this new course soon!

Are you living with a Dementia diagnosis?

Do you know or care for someone affected by Dementia? Would you like to live well with this disease, soothe your mind and body and have some fun?

Creative Mindfulness for Dementia is a new opportunity, based on the renowned Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course. It will include learning skills to calm worry and anxiety, enjoyable creative activities and tea and cake in a small group. Taking place over eight weeks it is FREE to attend whether you are diagnosed with Dementia or a family member, Carer or friend.

“Hi, I’m Cath the course teacher. I’m Breathworks trained and offering this course as I wish my Dad and I could have done this in the first few years of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.”

Contact Cath for a chat about the course on,

Mobile-0798 4123 445 or

When-Wednesday, 1-3.30pm, 26th April-14th June

Where-Leigh Youth Hub, Sale Way, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh, WN7 4JY

Breathworks Accredited Teacher

Supported by the Breathworks Seed Fund, Dementia United Big Brain Health Fund and The Deal, Wigan.

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Mindfulness Group, Getting Out More!

Thanks to funding from the Dementia United, Carers Groups Bounce Back Fund the Mindfulness Group can continue into the spring and summer, Carers and those affected by Dementia can enjoy FREE sessions and everyone can experience the benefits of a number of wellbeing trips. The Group recently enjoyed a relaxing visit to The Monastery, Manchester.

The trip to Gorton was beautiful, Catherine. Thank you for arranging it.

Over the coming months we will be continuing the Tuesday afternoon sessions in Leigh at Kingsleigh Methodist Church, taking another trip to The Wellbeing Program at RHS Bridgewater, taking part in the Healthy Arts ‘This Mine Is Yours’ project at Lancashire Mining Museum, Astley Green and enjoying getting outdoors practicing mindfulness. Get in contact if you would like to come along.

Art Nature

‘Animated’ Article

It’s great to see my short reflection on participating in the People Dancing, Perspectives on Practice, Tree Time by Helen Poynor, included as an article in ‘Animated’, the People Dancing magazine.

Read and download the Spring/Summer 2022 digital edition of Animated magazine online in a flipbook. This is an 80 page bumper edition offering contributions from 30 diverse dancers, teaching artists, community practitioners, academics, researchers and leaders. Produced in collaboration with the Centre of Dance Research (C-DaRE) at Coventry University.

Many thanks for including this People Dancing.


New 1-2-1 Sessions on Zoom, Half Price Special Offer

I’m offering one-to-one Mindfulness sessions at the special introductory price of £20 an hour, just until April 2022 (sessions should cost £40). Anyone who; finds it difficult to commit to a group course because of work, family, or cost, wants to try Breathworks Mindfulness out after trying out Apps, doesn’t want to be in a group because of anxiety or health reasons, has had Mindfulness suggested by your GP, get in contact for more details. No need to book more than one session at a time.


New Year, New Course

Introduction to Mindfulness

Interested in learning more about Mindfulness in the New Year?

This short course, based on the Breathworks (Breathworks – Mindfulness and Compassion Training) approach will introduce you to skills to live a happier and more fulfilled life especially if you feel stress, anxiety or have a long-term health condition. It is suitable for complete beginners, those who want to learn more, use it in their work or wish to refresh their meditation practice. In a small group you will experience how Mindfulness can change your whole perspective on life.

You have the option to attend this course in two ways:

Via Zoom, 1-2.30pm Wednesday 19th, 26th January & 2nd February or

In person, 6.30-8pm, Thursday 3rd, 10th & 17th February, at Kingsleigh Methodist Church, Leigh, WN7 4LR.

The course cost will be £30/£25 conc, and FREE places are available for Carers or those affected by Dementia thanks to funding from Dementia Friendly Communities.


Mindfulness for Health

Earlier this year I was awarded a Wigan and Leigh Carers Centre Training Grant (Wigan Council) to run a Breathworks 8-week Mindfulness for Health Course specifically for Carers with WLCC, in a Leigh venue over September and October. I’m thrilled to be teaching this course that I attended as a participant in 2018, thinking that I would give it a try and doubting it would make a difference to my health. It did make a huge difference to my health and wellbeing! I’m so glad Carers registered with WLCC can do this course for FREE!

Places are limited so follow this link for all the information and booking:

See my Mindfulness page for the great feedback Carers gave about the Mindfulness for Stress Course I taught with WLCC earlier this year.

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New Website!

Yes, I’ve finally got around to begin creating a new website. It will be a work in progress for a while and then will feature my work as a Mindfulness Teacher and a Movement & Visual Artist. An advantage of working in natural places is that I have lots of photographs to select and add. Hope you like them!