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Creative Mindfulness for Dementia

I am really excited to be offering this new course soon!

Are you living with a Dementia diagnosis?

Do you know or care for someone affected by Dementia? Would you like to live well with this disease, soothe your mind and body and have some fun?

Creative Mindfulness for Dementia is a new opportunity, based on the renowned Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course. It will include learning skills to calm worry and anxiety, enjoyable creative activities and tea and cake in a small group. Taking place over eight weeks it is FREE to attend whether you are diagnosed with Dementia or a family member, Carer or friend.

“Hi, I’m Cath the course teacher. I’m Breathworks trained and offering this course as I wish my Dad and I could have done this in the first few years of his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.”

Contact Cath for a chat about the course on,

Mobile-0798 4123 445 or

When-Wednesday, 1-3.30pm, 26th April-14th June

Where-Leigh Youth Hub, Sale Way, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh, WN7 4JY

Breathworks Accredited Teacher

Supported by the Breathworks Seed Fund, Dementia United Big Brain Health Fund and The Deal, Wigan.

Art Mindfulness Movement Nature

Movement & Mindfulness 2022

Earlier this year I received Arts Council England, Homepage ( Your Creative Practice funding to research combining my movement and mindfulness practice. I spent the summer returning to studio spaces in Liverpool and West Yorkshire and also worked in a new environment for me, up on the moors above Hebden Bridge.

I created four postcards to document, what was a precious time that feature images by Sarah Mason, Filmmaker and photographer for brands and families ( photographer and film maker who I was so lucky to work with and whose amazing images I will begin to include on this website. The postcards include information about the project and also dip into the process I explored.

Here is the back of one postcard:

A summer spent combining practice in movement studios and the natural environment. Catherine Hawkins has worked in dance for nearly thirty years, in improvisation, environmental movement and art making. In 2021 she became an Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness teacher.

“This research harboured a powerful autobiographical undercurrent. High in the hills on the West Yorkshire moors I could reflect, hearing the roar of water flowing lower down in the valley. Mindfulness has offered new paths, un-paths even to help me find my way to wellbeing. To be with challenges of recent years and a strong, supportive feeling that something creative is gathering to further express this being human.”

Thank you to Helen Poynor and Padmadarshini Cole for your mentoring, Mary Prestidge at the Liverpool Improvisation Collective Studio, Bluecoat, Liverpool, Rob Hopper at Wainsgate Dance, West Yorkshire and photographer Sarah Mason for supporting this process-based research.

I’m really looking forward to what comes next after this valuable time to follow an ‘un-path’.

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New Website!

Yes, I’ve finally got around to begin creating a new website. It will be a work in progress for a while and then will feature my work as a Mindfulness Teacher and a Movement & Visual Artist. An advantage of working in natural places is that I have lots of photographs to select and add. Hope you like them!